I'm Just A Man

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BOOK 22/11/17

Beyond Blue. I'm Just A Man.

Beyond Blue work with men


Australian men generally have lower rates of mental health literacy, help-seeking behaviour and face numerous barriers to help-seeking, such as stigma. In Australia, men account for 75 per cent of deaths by suicide.1


We encourage men to take action against depression, anxiety and suicide, and to reduce stigma through a collaborative approach to programs, knowledge building and policy.





Beyond Barriers


Between 2012 and 2014 beyondblue implemented the Beyond Barriers Strategy to encourage men to take action against anxiety and depression through reducing barriers to seeking support.


Learn more about Beyond Barriers


Healthy Dads


The Healthy Dads project aims to support the mental health of men during the transition to fatherhood.


Learn more about the Healthy Dads initiative


Social connectedness program


This program aims to demonstrate how depression, anxiety and suicide can be prevented through early interventions targeted at enhancing social connectedness for men and pioneer a preventative, wellbeing-focused approach to mental health interventions.


Learn more about the Social connectedness program


New Roots


Operating between July 2014 and December 2016 the New Roots project promoted good mental health of males recently settled in Australia through a humanitarian visa from the Arabic, Farsi-Dari and Tamil speaking communities.


Learn more about New Roots


Reducing stigma in men


This project is focusing on commissioning research into reducing the stigma attached to depression and anxiety in men.


Learn more about our work to reduce stigma in men


The Shed Online


The Shed Online was a public health initiative developed by beyondblue with the support of the Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA).


Learn more about The Shed Online


Research projects


Research at beyondblue


Research underpins all beyondblue's work, reflecting our commitment to evidence-based practice and continuous improvement. beyondblue is both a funder of research and a translator of research evidence into policy, practice and behaviour change through our programs and services.


beyondblue is a major funder of research into depression, anxiety and suicide in Australia. Since 2000, beyondblue has invested more than $65 million in depression, anxiety and suicide prevention research. Through this investment we have contributed to pioneering developments in the field of perinatal depression and youth, LGBTI, mens' and older people's mental health, as well as more broadly to the field of depression, anxiety and suicide research.